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Demonstrate Cookie Compliance with CookiePro

CookiePro makes it easy for companies to scan their website for cookies, create customized cookie banners, enable preference centers and auto-generate consent records to demonstrate compliance over time. Find out more about the cookie consent technology used on over 250,000+ websites.

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Cookie Checker

Scan Your Website and Gain an Understanding of Your Websites’ Privacy Health
  • Schedule scans on a regular basis for ongoing monitoring to keep your team up to date on any changes
  • Scan your website against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of pre-categorized cookies and trackers
  • Conduct deep website scans to discover trackers, privacy policies and cookie notices behind login pages
  • Automate the identification and categorization process of behavior tracking technologies on your website
Web Scanning

Cookie Banner Customization

Collect Valid User Consent and Tailor Your Cookie Banner to Match Your Brand
  • Tailor your consent banner to match your company’s brand including display, color, content, and language
  • Customize your consent approach from notice only, opt-out, implied, opt-in or customize your own
  • Integrate your cookie banner with your tag managers and content management systems
  • Leverage geolocation capabilities to display unique consent approaches based on the users’ location
  • Generate a detailed cookie list based on your latest scan and easily embed into your cookie notice
CCPA Cookie Banner

Records of Consent

Demonstrate Regulation Compliance with Granular Records of Consent
  • Build a centrally located, historical consent database to demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors
  • Store records of modifications to cookie banner settings or preferences in a detailed, historical audit log
  • Leverage executive dashboards of your compliance status to help prioritize actionable risk mitigation plans
Consent Logging

Additional Features

Deep Website Scanning

CookiePro’s deep website scanning technology checks and identifies all of these trackers as well as terms and conditions, privacy policies, cookie policies and cookie notices to track compliance.

Cookie Consent Banner

Customize your cookie consent banner with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor using a variety of layouts, colors, buttons, and behaviors that are both web and mobile-friendly.

Cookie Auto-Blocking

Auto-block cookies and key tracking technologies not categorized as Strictly Necessary until the visitor has provided consent.

Preference Center

Provide choices at all times with a granular preference center for website visitors to easily manage their cookie preferences.

Cookie Policy Generator

Automatically generates a detailed list of cookies, categories, and descriptions in dynamic Cookie List based on your latest website scan.

Granular Records of Consent

Granular records of consent and audit trails are available on-demand within the CookiePro platform.